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Building a Home Sauna, Benefits to your Health and your Home!

Building a Home Sauna, Benefits to your Health and your Home!

These days more and more UK homeowners are building extensions and doing home refurbishments rather than dealing with the hassle and expense of moving house.  It‘s worth considering then which kinds of constructions could add value to your home when the time comes for you to sell.  Ever considered your own home sauna?  Perhaps not, but although there is an initial cost, it requires little maintenance once it’s up and running and there are several benefits for both your health and home.

‘Sauna’ means ‘Finnish bath’, and they are increasingly popular in their country of origin. Invented in Finland over 2000 years ago, saunas encourage the body to sweat which opens and cleanses the pores whilst relaxing the body and mind.

Health benefits of home saunas include:

  • Getting rid of toxins from the body
  • Improving sinus complaints
  • Soothe sore muscles
  • Reduce stress and increase energy levels
  • Increase your body’s metabolic rate and encourage weight loss

As for value to your home, a sauna will be an attractive prospect for a potential buyer as people are now looking for ‘spathrooms’ . In areas of London such as Clapham and Wandsworth, house values have risen above £1.5m to £2m and bedrooms are being sacrificed to provide more bathrooms and spa facilities.

A good sauna will remain in top condition for 10 years so it is wise to make an investment, it’s worth paying the extra and avoiding cheap imitations. To add the most value to your home, choose one that is in proportion with the property.  Many homeowners are building extensions to accommodate the sauna as it’s best to having a changing area and shower to save you running across the house.  Sure Planning Director Steve says “we’ve had a rise in enquiries from people who want to build an extension for a new home sauna. It’s something that requires a lot of thought as the construction needs to take into consideration heat retention and avoid moisture getting into the walls. Proper building methods and precautions must be taken so always get an expert in.It needs to be properly sealed, waterproofed and ventilated.”

Want your own little relaxation haven in your home?  Call Sure Planning TODAY and let our architects design an extension perfect for your home sauna!


The Importance of a Quality Architect for your Building Project

The Importance of a Quality Architect for your Building Project

When thinking about construction or building work to your home, you should bear in mind it takes experience, good planning and technical skills and also legal authority. This is why you require an architect, and a top quality one at that!

Professional architects are experts in the building planning field with a great knowledge of what is needed when planning and constructing a building or extension to your home. Their education and experience means they understand legal complications and the construction process. Having an experienced architect working on your project means you can plan without making trial and error mistakes that waste time and money. A good architect will understand all your requirements and offer you solutions for any problems you may face. Whilst undertaking your project, they will also work closely with professionals of different job fields needed for your project to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Before starting the construction process, you will need planning drawings to submit to your local authorities to ensure planning permission is granted. Your architect will take care of this issue as planning drawings are very technical and need an expert to execute a precise drawing that details the plan and increases the chances of getting legal approval.

The services that a professional architect can provide are numerous. As well as planning permission drawings, obtaining planning permission, they can also maintain the quality of the material used for your project, instruct workers to do the job properly, keeping check of the expenses to make sure they fit in your budget etc.

Now you know why you need a quality architect for your building or extension project, contact Sure Planning today! Our highly experienced architects will work closely with you to undertake your dream building job- and take charge every step of the way!


To Build or Buy?

To Build or Buy?

Do you feel as though you are outgrowing your home? Perhaps your extending family means you now require extra bedrooms for the kids or perhaps an older relative coming to live with you? Or it may just be that you would prefer another room to use as an office or second living room.

Moving to a bigger home can be exciting, but also costly what with selling your current place, stamp duty and solicitors’ costs- as well as the removal men! It can indeed be a stressful time too as a great deal of time and organisation is involved. This is why an increasing number of people are choosing to build extensions to their homes rather than the hassle of buying.

That’s not to say building an extension to your property doesn’t have its downsides- building work can get in the way of your daily routine as you may not be able to use certain areas of your home or garden, and there will be builders in and out of your home until the job is done! Again, it can be costly because as well as the labour and materials- you will need to pay for an architect, planning permission and other council fees.

However, the advantages of building an extension to your home can far outweigh the hassles! First of all, depending on your land you will have flexibility in whether you want to build a loft conversion, an extra room or even a basement conversion. The final results will be bespoke to your requirements and can be changed as the process goes ahead. You will also avoid the pain of buying a new house in an unpredictable property market, and packing up your entire house. In addition, by extending your home you are also adding to its value when the time comes for you to leave, therefore you will get more interest in it and a higher price for it.

Considering a larger home for you and your family? If you have the space to extend, why not give us a call at Sure Planning? We are a one-stop service that can assist you throughout the whole process of preparing a fast planning application, an expert architect and creative design service to draw up the plans, assistance with the planning permission construction services and post planning permission advice also.



Do You Need Planning Permission for your Building project?

Do You Need Planning Permission for your Building project?

If you are considering building a house or making alterations, you will know that it can become quite a complex project.  As well as getting the right designs and an experienced team to execute them, there is also the issue of ensuring the regulations of construction work are maintained.  These rules are in place to make sure that the kind of complex work required for building projects are safe during and after development.  One of the very first steps you must take before starting your project is to obtain planning permission.

Having planning permission means that your building project has the approval of your local authority and means laws and regulations are being met- without this, you may be executing an illegal action which you could be charged or fined for.  If you are altering the environment in any way with your construction, this could affect others which is why the local authority have a responsibility to moderate it.

Obtaining planning permission is a process in itself- you will need to create technical drawings detailing exactly what your construction plans are, and these are analysed to ensure you are within environmental and other laws.  As these laws change regularly, it’s a good idea to discuss them with your local authority and your architects before submitting your planning application.  Once the plan is submitted and analysed, you will be informed if your project has been approved and you can begin construction on your project!

Considering making your dream home or extension a reality in 2014?  Having an experienced professional to provide advice and guidance every step of the way is essential to get things moving fast and without having to worry about planning rules and regulations- they will do that for you.  Sure Planning’s team of experts includes experienced architects with a wealth of knowledge and skill in the industry!

Why is Planning Permission Necessary?

Why is Planning Permission Necessary?

Before starting a construction or alteration building project, it is vital that the correct planning permission has been granted following a detailed planning application to your local authority.  Your local authority will assess your plans in terms of the impact on the environment, safety, privacy, policy and various other factors- it’s useful to have an idea of these before submitting your application!

If building work is carried out without the necessary planning permission, your local authority can take action against you and many developers and builders have lost thousands of pounds for this reason.  In some instances where an individual may have had a genuine belief that planning permission was not required, your local council may give you the opportunity to do a planning application retrospectively if they think the plan is likely to be accepted.

If construction has taken place without the correct planning permission, your local authority may halt works in progress or even serve a formal notice for the building to be demolished if it is already up.  If you fail to comply with this notice, it can be seen as an offence and you could get prosecuted.

Make sure your development is within the law and the conditions of your planning application to avoid the threat of enforcement, and worse still waste large sums of money unnecessarily if your development faces demolishing!  Your plans need to be clearly drafted and designed.

Get in touch with one of the Sure Planning team at www.sureplanning.co.uk and we can guide you through the process one step at a time!  Our experts have the knowledge and experience to ensure your plans are within current laws and regulations- and your application will be a success!