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Sure Planning’s Top Tips for Garage Extensions!

Now that more and more people are choosing to work with what they have and add value to their homes rather than buy, it seems there is no better time to extend your home. For homeowners wishing to create more space for growing families, it’s the natural option.

Extending on top of a garage is a quick and relatively easy way to add value to your home as you will not have to do any digging. These days a garage extension bedroom with an en-suite can add over £100,000 to the value of your home- great if you live in London and are limited with space. Research shows that around 30% of the construction work that architects are currently hired for is for garage extensions. True, converting the garage itself into a bedroom is an idea, but most of us need that space to store bikes and barbecues if not an actual car!

A detached garage is perfect as it will not affect the rest of the house, and having a separate, self-contained building is ideal for an older relative’s bedroom, for an office or study, or for a teenager wanting their independence.

Sure Planning’s Top Tips for Garage Extensions:

Check the garage foundations to ensure they can take the weight of the extension. Experts recommend they are at least 450mm wide and 750mm deep.

  • Obtaining planning permission is a must due to the height alteration of the roof.
  • You will need to consider if you need an extra staircase.
  • It’s wise to do some research before you start- find out from local estate agents how much value the extra room will add to your home.
  • This is the most convenient type of extension- at least there will be no disruption to your daily life while the work is in progress! More so if the garage is detached.

Outgrowing your home and have extra space above your garage?  Want to add value to your home?

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