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How To: Create a Master Bedroom in your Loft or Attic!

Do you have a loft or attic in your home? Have you converted it yet? If not, you’re really missing out on prime space for an extra or master bedroom! Having an attic bedroom means you will have more privacy, great views, and of course added space in your home which adds financial benefit should you decide to sell your place.  Time to turn your loft into that master bedroom? Here are some top tips from Sure Planning Permission Director Steve McStea. Is a loft or attic bedroom really for you?  The idea sounds great but you need to be sure that you are ready for a big move from the main floor of your home. Having a master bedroom at the top of the house is great for the quietness but don’t forget about that extra walk up the stairs!  If you have younger children you probably would prefer to be on the same floor as them, but on the other hand if you have teenagers- being up in the loft is exactly what you need! So you may be wondering what exactly will the project entail?  The next step is to determine how much work, cost and renovating it will take to convert your attic or loft into a master bedroom.  For older houses, the heating, ventilating and air conditioning will have to be run to the attic and possibly plumbing pipes. For many home owners, the expense of having to run new services to the attic is minimal in comparison to the benefit of added space and functionality. Before you get started, ask an experienced contractor or builder to assist you in estimating the costs. Don’t be alarmed by the costs,  and remember that all the extra square footage is actually adding value to your home so it’s an investment! Excellent ceiling height is achieved by a mansard to the rear and most councils will permit dormer windows to the front elevation too. Often even more space be gained by building partially over the rear extension commonly known as a ‘pod’. The option for natural light must be a priority when it comes to loft or attic conversions.  While many homes don’t have skylights, dormer windows located in the walls could work as opposed to the ceiling, and even solar tubes can be installed to bring light into the master bedroom attic space.  Your outside view should also be considered- as you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at it! The loft space will already have fantastic architectural lines from the roof, so enhance them with the décor you choose.  For smaller spaces, use light colours, or if there’s a lot of natural light shining in, something like a darker accent wall behind the bed could be a great focal point. Lofts or attics that are converted into master bedrooms have so much potential for you and your home.  If you don’t want the space for yourself, perhaps it’s the best place for your aspiring rock star teenager to live!

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